Retreat only: EUR 570 

Retreat plus level 1 review: EUR 570 plus EUR 220

Retreat plus level 1 advancement: EUR 570 plus EUR 500

Retreat plus level 1 review plus level 2 advancement; 570 plus EUR 300

Retreat plus level 2 advancement: EUR 570 plus EUR 240

Retreat plus level 2 review: EUR 570 plus EUR 100

Spiritual business management newcomers: EUR 320 incl. lunch and breaks

Spiritual business management review: EUR 180 incl. lunch and breaks

Retreat Package Price including dinner on June 11th, lunch and dinner on June 12th and 13th, lunch on June 14th, tea & coffee breaks

Tours to Heidelberg/Odenwald on June 16th and 17th: EUR 105 per day incl. lunch and dinner (excluding drinks)